Welcome to Revival Coin!


Do you believe Spiritual Revival is possible?  We do!!!

The need for Spiritual Revival is urgent so we ask you to take three simple steps

  1. Acquire a coin.  Revival will not be free and it will take your commitment. Getting a coin is the first step.  The proceeds will help us invite more Christians to pray!
  2. Pray for the Believers in your Church, Community and Country.  We have a simple outline for you to follow. Your brief, regular prayers are necessary to fight the Spiritual Battle every Believer in this country is facing!
  3. Invite your family, friends and Church to join with us.  God hears and answers the prayers of ALL Believers in Jesus Christ

Certainly the one way for us to never see Spiritual Revival is to do nothing!  Join us…let’s watch God work!


The other pages in our website will hopefully answer your questions.  Please contact us if you have any questions at One@RevivalCoin.org.